The Porta-Bidet is the world’s MOST POWERFUL portable hand-held travel bidet sprayer for both anal and genital cleansing. (We offer several sizes.)  Using the best combination of ergonomics, water pressure, volume, and spray pattern results in a VERY EFFECTIVE and fast bottom cleansing technique. To see a demonstration video, please visit the YouTube video below.

 …See the POWER of the Porta-Bidet at  http://youtu.be/Y1lo0xc7k24

The revolutionary Porta-Bidet is the result of over 3 years of research into travel bidets, Muslim showers, toilet pump sprayers, portable bidets, handheld bidets, and handheld sprayers.  Industrial spray cleaning technology was scaled down to a specialized portable hand-pumped pressure sprayer.  The powerful wide spray pattern and ergonomic spout is very “user-friendly”.  The Porta-Bidet is easy to use and, above all, DOES THE JOB!  It is also a very GREEN technology that drastically reduces toilet paper use (and SAVES money)!  See below for a list of other ADVANTAGES.

portable bidetModel 90B Porta-Bidet ready for use

 portable bidet sprayPOWERFUL spray pattern

Advantages over toilet paper only:

–Wash, not SMEAR (no more soiled undergarments)
–Medically much better (hemorrhoids, urinary tract infections, rashes, and fungal infections)
–Ecological/ green technology
–Energy, water savings
–More in line with global methods of sanitation
–Payback in money spent on TP in less than one year

Advantages over stationary bidets (plumbed in):

–Does not need to be installed using tools
–Much less costly than most
–Brings the spray precisely to the person and not the other way around
–More maneuverable nozzle location
–Adjustable spray strength (number of pumps)
–Quickly changed from cold to warm water
–Fits ALL ages and body styles
–Can be used for feminine cleansing using other solutions
–Uses less water

Advantages over other portable bidets:

–MUCH MORE POWERFUL (up to 5 times more)
–Needs no batteries or charging
–Much more durable
–Vinegar/Water can be used in container
–Optional anti-bacterial surface treatments

THE BOTTOM LINE…The Porta-Bidet is a highly customized POWERFUL portable handheld bidet sprayer.  A person fills it with water, pumps it up, tilts out the ergonomic spout, and sprays their underside.  A very powerful, concentrated, and targeted fan spray DOES THE JOB!  The nozzle tip is SELF-CLEANING!  After washing, you may dry and/or check result with a very small amount of toilet paper.

This is not a cheap hand-squirter “toy” bidet that simply wets!  Quality parts and construction are used that results in a very durable and long-lasting product.  It saves money on toilet paper, is more ecological, more hygienic, and leaves one feeling really clean!  Simply put, once a Porta-Bidet is used, you will never go back to dry, abrasive, smearing TP again!!!

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